Scott-West is part of the Scott Hall Complex, which also includes Scott-North and Scott-South. The Scott Hall complex, located on Main Street across from the UMF Admissions Office, is UMF’s largest residence hall, an expansive 3-story building.

The upper floor of Scott-West has large panoramic windows, some overlooking Prescott Field and nearby Titcomb Mountain ski area. The lower level of Scott-West has a large laundry room and a full kitchen.

The residence hall is overseen by an Area Director who assists in the development of communal living. This staff person is responsible for enhancing residents’ college experience by assisting in promoting holistic community development.

Programs designed by the Community Assistants in the hall promote the development of academic, personal, and social well-being. A Community Assistant is an upper-class UMF student who assists in building community within their areas, as well as helping residents get involved in the campus community through various programming initiatives.

The floors in the Scott Complex are distinct by number, floor from ground level up, and by direction, defined as North, South and West. The beds are not bunked; however, if upon moving in all roommates want the beds bunked, University staff will assist in setting this up.

Please note that the All-Access Meal Plan is required for all First-Year Students.

NEW: Lower Floor – Veteran & Active-Duty Military Living Learning Community

We are proud to announce the new UMF Veteran & Active Duty Living Learning Community on the lower floor of Scott Hall-West. It will be a dedicated space in which veterans and active-duty military personnel can live, study and be together in a vibrant community of their peers while working toward their personal goals.

The UMF Veteran & Active Duty Living Learning Community offers comfortable large, single rooms on a floor for our veterans and military personnel.

As a member of this Community, you’ll have the best of both worlds: a floor that provides resources and services that cater to veterans and members of the military and access to a wide variety of programming available to a greater part of the Dakin Hall community.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and supportive environment with access to a traditional college experience, the UMF Veteran & Active Duty Community is for you.


Within the building

  • “Co-ed” hall
  • All single and large single rooms
  • Veteran & Active Duty Living Learning Community (lower floor)
  • Connected to Scott-South and Scott-North
  • All bathrooms are single-user
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Elevator access
  • Access to the large lounge area in the middle of the complex
  • Kitchen and laundry in the basement and 3rd floor

In each room

 Room Specs

  • 2 windows, varying in size and shape by floor
  • Space under beds, approximately 10″ at lowest to 27″ at highest
  • Average furniture includes: 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 closets, 2 desks and 2 chairs
  • Average single room, approximately 9.8′ wide by 9.8′ deep
  • Average large single room, approximately 12.3′ wide by 14.9′ deep

What to Bring

Contact Us

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