• An enhanced web portal allowing you to manage your account — including adding funds to student accounts and allowing others to add funds to your account (more on this below)
  • Access to all the UMF services your UMF Student ID Card provides: library services, copying, printing, events, building access, etc.
  • Your UMF Student ID Card will be also accepted at some other University of Maine System campuses for things like: dining purchases, including meal plans, “Campus Bucks,” library access and more
  • “Campus Bucks” will now be available at all campuses
  • A new mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Ability to pay using Apple Wallet
  • Prior to arriving for your first semester, you will receive an email at your maine.edu email address with a unique link to upload your ID photo and supporting documents.
  • The email sender will be UMS Online Photo Submission
  • If you believe you should have received the photo submission email but you haven’t seen it, check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folders to see if the message landed there.
  • If you have an ID from another University of Maine System campus, you will not receive an email. Work with the UMF Card Center to get a new UMF card printed.
  • See these Online Photo Submission Instructions or watch this video on how to submit your ID photo.
  • iPhone users will need to take their photo using JPG and PNG format. Apple’s HEIC file format is not compatible with the ID card photo system.
  • If you’re submitting a photo and 2 forms of ID, both forms of ID must be photographed together as 1 photo in order to be uploaded in its proper area.
  • If you have questions about your UMF Student ID Card, contact the UMF Admissions Office, 207-778-7050, umfadmit@maine.edu
  • You ID Card will be printed using your preferred name in MaineStreet.
  • Please visit MaineStreet and update your preferred name to reflect the name you would like on your card.
  • Changing your name after your card is printed may result in a $20 reprinting fee.
  • Visit us if you can and pick up your card while you are here! You can register for a regular campus tour. (visit.farmington.edu or contact Admissions at 207.778.7050 or umfadmit@maine.edu)
  • Pick up your card when you arrive on campus for Summer Experience, your Fusion class, or for Orientation. Details about Orientation Day and Check-in.
  • If you are taking your classes fully remotely, we will mail you your new UMF Student ID Card before the start of the semester.

Having problems regarding your UMF Student ID Card?

  • I am having trouble trying to submit my photo and supporting documents.
  • I have an ID card from another campus and I need a UMF card.
  • I have other special circumstances.

Contact the UMF Card Center, umf.cardcenter@maine.edu

Admissions Office, 207-778-7050, umfadmit@maine.edu

Anyone — parents, grandparents, friends, etc. — can add money to a UMF student’s account without having to login to our password-protected myCampus portal.

Just click the button below and you’ll go to a site that allows you to add money to a student’s University account.

Deposit Money to a Student's Account

Note: To deposit funds into a student’s account, you’ll need to enter the student’s last name and their student ID number.  In the field that says “Customer Number,” enter the student’s ID number. You will need to get that number from the student. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lost or damaged card can be replaced at the UMF Card Center in Mantor Library for a charge of $20.  Please contact, umf.cardcenter@maine.edu