Residing in Dakin Hall is a professional staff member (called a Graduate Area Coordinator) who assists in the development of communal living. This staff person is responsible for enhancing residents’ college experience by assisting in promoting programs within the hall and serving as an onsite mentor.

Programs designed by the six Community Assistants in the hall promote the development of both academic and social skills. A Community Assistant is an upper class UMF student who assists in building community within their areas, as well as help residents get involved in the campus community through various programming initiatives.

The floors in Dakin are distinct by number, floor from ground level up. The beds are not bunked; however, if upon moving in all roommates want the beds bunked, University staff will assist. Please note that the All-Access Meal Plan is required for all First-Year Students.

Because restrooms are community-style, during the first floor meeting an anonymous vote occurs where students can voice their thoughts on restroom designations. If a resident would like restrooms to be gender-specific, then restrooms are designated as such for the floor.

Although Dakin Hall is a co-ed room by neighbor residence hall, the University also allows students to choose optional gender-inclusive placements in Dakin Hall.

Building Description

1st Floor – Leadership Living Learning Community

Living Learning Communities at UMF give students a unique, inclusive, residential experience, with the added benefit of living among peers who share similar goals and interests. As an active member of a Living Learning Community, you’ll get an opportunity to build partnerships with other students and staff while engaging in purposeful, interactive programs and events. You’ll will develop a sense of belonging while you share and deepen your passion.

Dakin Hall’s Leadership Living Learning Community aims to help UMF students develop their leadership potential so they can become leaders on campus and in their future careers and communities. The Leadership Community is led by a dedicated team of peer leaders, staff, alumni and local and state leaders. This team assures you’ll become familiar with the concepts of leadership through exciting student led-projects and field trips, providing you with the skills needed in an ever more global society. Today’s internship-providers and employers regard leadership skills as a crucial asset and this community can help you develop those critical skills. Students in any major who are interested in developing their leadership skills are welcome in this Leadership Community. Students of this community will sign an additional community agreement indicating active participation in the community.

3rd and 4th Floors – Scholars Community

An option for students who want to live in a quiet community with a focus on scholastic achievement, residents of Dakin 3rd and 4th floors must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to live in the Scholars Community.


Within the building

  • Leadership Living Learning Community (Triple LC) (1st floor)
  • Traditional co-ed by neighbor (2nd floor)
  • Scholars Community (3rd & 4th floors)
  • Co-ed hall
  • 148 occupants
  • Optional gender-inclusive placements
  • Restrooms are community-style
  • Connected by an east-west portico to Lockwood Hall
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Kitchen and laundry  for building located in basement
  • 6 Community Assistants

In each room

Room Specs

  • Two windows, 38″ x 54″
  • Space under beds, approximately 10″ at lowest to 27″ at highest
  • Average furniture includes: two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desk and chairs
  • Average single room, approximately 9.3′ wide by 16′ deep
  • Average double room, approximately 12′ wide by 16.7′ deep

What to Bring

We understand deciding what to bring to college can be stressful. To help you with this, see our Suggested Packing List.

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