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Law schools have long recognized the value of liberal arts education: the broad exposure to a variety of disciplines; the focus on writing and critical thinking; the well-rounded, wide-ranging undergraduate education — the kind of experience the University of Maine at Farmington is famous for.

Because law schools do not require its students to have a specific bachelor’s degree (again, law schools are interested in well-rounded students from a variety of backgrounds) almost any undergraduate major you choose at UMF will allow you entrance into a variety of solid, accredited law schools.

The key: Selecting and completing the right courses while you earn your bachelor’s degree. You should consider selecting courses at UMF that will develop your ability to write, to argue persuasively, to conduct independent research, and to analyze critically the arguments of others. At UMF, enrollment in the Pre-Law track within our Political Science major provides an ideal foundation from which develop your path into the field of law.

UMF’s Pre-Law Track: A Proven Record of Success

Here’s where some recent University of Maine at Farmington graduates went on to law school:

  • Northeastern University School of Law (Mass.)
  • Suffolk University Law School (Mass.)
  • Quinnipiac University School of Law (Conn.)
  • Thomas Jefferson Law School (San Diego, Calif.)
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • University of Maine Law School
  • Roger Williams School of Law (R.I.)
  • Chapman University School of Law (Calif.)
  • St., Thomas University School of Law (Fla.)
  • University of Akron School of Law (Ohio)
  • to name a few.

It Takes Teamwork and Inspiration

If you are interested in a law career, then you will have two advisors, one in your major and one specifically for your law interests. They take the time and interest to understand your goals and help you discover what your inclinations are.

Your advisors will provide you with information on requirements for law school and will work with you to tailor your course selections to focus on legal and Constitutional issues, critical thinking, writing and other areas.

They will also guide you through the law school application process, provide you information about the LSAT and will help you to explore a variety of career options in law – providing you all the tools necessary to help get you into law school.

The Pre-Law program will hold periodic gatherings for all Pre-Law students (students from a variety of UMF majors). These sessions will focus on the specialties and options in the field of law, advice and thoughts from guest speakers, the skills and courses you’ll need to be successful, identifying and researching law schools, preparation for the LSAT and the application process.

Going the Extra Mile – a UMF Hallmark

Your Pre-Law advising team at UMF will also assist you in finding internships. For example, the Political Science faculty at UMF recently helped several students to be named a prestigious Maine Public Policy Scholar, worth $2,000 in support of a year-long research project. The students do an internship in an area of State of Maine government and present their research findings to the Governor.

Our Pre-Law advisors have also assisted other UMF students obtain contact-building internships in Washington, D.C., most often with a member of a congressional delegation.

In addition, your Pre-Law advisors will help with above-and-beyond opportunities such as: organizing field trips, connecting you with UMF alumni currently working in law, coordinating job shadowing opportunities with practicing attorneys and others, arranging on-campus visits by law school representatives, coordinating memberships in appropriate national or regional law organizations and listservs, arranging for your attendance at legal conferences and workshops, and more.

Annual U.S. Constitution Day Presentation

Each October in observance of U.S. Constitution Day, UMF Professor of Political Science James Melcher presents his Annual Supreme Court Preview and Review in Lincoln Auditorium on the UMF campus. The event is well attended and Political Science students, Pre-Law students and others are thoroughly engaged as Melcher provides engaging analysis of upcoming SCOTUS cases. For many, it’s a Political Science and Pre-Law highlight of the fall semester.

Note: Undergraduate law-related courses, at any college, will introduce you to thought-provoking legal issues, but you should take them on the assumption that they are of personal educational value — not in the belief that the classes will impress a law school admissions committee or give you a real feeling for the study of law.

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