UMF offers a variety of academic resources and supports to students.

The Student – Advisor Relationship

All UMF students are assigned to a primary Advisor once they begin college. Some students also have a Peer Advisor, a Johnson Scholar Advisor, or a Mentor.

Your Academic Advisor will provide accurate information, assist you with choosing courses, assist you with exploring the consequences of your choices, and inform you of the services and educational opportunities available at UMF. Your advisor will communicate with you by email or phone to schedule appointments.

Your responsibilities in the academic advising relationship include responding to your advisor, keeping your advisor informed of changes in your academic status, schedule and goals. Be familiar with the requirements for your major as listed in the Academic Catalog.

Academic Resources at UMF

The following supports are available to all students:
• Peer Tutoring is available for any subject and Drop-by Tutoring for mathematics and writing is available in the Student Learning Commons in Mantor Library.
• The Learning Commons in UMF’s Mantor Library is a versatile place in which students can learn, collaborate, and socialize. Students can reserve group study spaces, use the mobile white boards, re-arrange the furniture, access technology, and take advantage of the research support offered by Mantor Library.
Disability Services: UMF provides academic and support services necessary to ensure that students with disabilities have both the physical and programmatic access they need to enjoy a full campus life. Documentation must be provided. Accommodations will be determined.

Techniques for Improving Your GPA

• Get to know your instructor.
• Keep a copy of every assignment, paper, project, and lab report that you turn in. Have someone look over assignments before you turn them in.
• Anticipate exam questions by actively listening in class.
• Study with others in small groups or in the library.
• Sit at the front of the classroom.
• Make notes in the margins of your textbook (rather than highlighting passages) during class lectures to supplement your reading.
• Know your learning style.

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