Navigate is a desktop platform for Faculty and Staff, and may be accessed through the MyCampus Launch Pad icon for Navigate, or by visiting and logging in with your credentials. (The Navigate Student App is just for students. Faculty and staff do not need to use the App.)

Progress Reports are a way faculty can share positive and constructive feedback with students in their courses. Progress Reports are sent to students directly, and are also delivered to Academic Advisors, Athletics, and Johnson Scholars Advisors.

The Academic Success Team meets weekly to review Progress Reports submitted for the prior week, in order to provide additional resources to students.

Progress Report Directions are linked on this page in MyCampus: How to submit a Progress Report

Q. What happens when I submit a Progress Report?

A. The student receives an email notification that you have submitted a report, and a link to view your comments to them. The student’s success team also receives the email.

Since the Spring 2022 semester, UMF has run an Enrollment Census Campaign each semester to identify students who are not attending courses, in order to allow the Academic Success Team to offer appropriate support before the semester drop deadline.

Timing: Census feedback is requested from faculty teaching regular undergraduate semester courses before the drop deadline in the Fall and Spring terms.

Navigate trainings are linked on MyCampus, including how to set up your Google Calendar with Navigate. It automatically blocks out times you are teaching, and when a student is in class, so they only see mutually free times to meet. The appointments they create are automatically added to your calendar, and you receive email reminders about them.

You may set up availability for either advisees (Academic Advising & Mentoring), or students in your classes (Meet with a Professor), or both, depending on your needs this term.

Jess Isler Nickerson ( can also provide assistance with setting up your calendar in Navigate and getting a Personal Availability Link to send to students for seamless appointment making via the Navigate Student App.

Faculty Advisors and Staff Advisors with large advising caseloads can benefit from using Navigate to manage student advising appointments around milestones in the semester, such as course selection advising. Instructions for setting up Appointment Campaigns are available on the Navigate training site in MyCampus: Navigate Appointment Campaigns training

Jess Isler Nickerson ( can also assist you with Appointment Campaign setup.

Career Services:

Current students and UMF graduates can meet in person or online with Career Advisors to discuss: Graduate School, Internships, Job Search, Major/Career Exploration, Mock Interviews, and Resumes/Cover Letter review.


Interested students can set up appointments to discuss internship preparation and requirements.


Current students can set up Research Advice Meetings with professional Librarians at Mantor Library or online.

Student Learning Commons:

Students can make appointments for: Tutoring for courses, General writing assistance, General math assistance, General science assistance, Academic coaching, and Financial literacy.

All faculty and staff can issue an Alert for any student about whom they are concerned (for non-academic concerns). These Alerts DO NOT go to students, and they DO NOT go to advisors, but specific staff who will quickly triage the student’s needs and reach out to appropriate support personnel.