The Explore Majors resource provides general information about each major, minors associated with the major, possible career paths, occupations held by graduates, and the action steps to apply to the major.

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Actuarial Science
Business Economics
Business Psychology
Community Health Education
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Elementary Education
Geography and Environmental Planning
International & Global Studies
Liberal Studies
Nursing 2+2 Program UMF-UMA
Outdoor Recreation Business Administration
Performing Arts
Political Science
Rehabilitation Services
School Health Education: Physical Education
Secondary Education
Self-Designed (create a major)
Special Education
Visual Arts
Web Media & Design
World Languages Teacher Education

Certificate Programs

Addiction Rehabilitation
Alpine Operations
Creative Writing
English Language Learners (ELL)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Pre-Professional Programs


Multi-Degree Programs

B.S. in Biology at UMF to Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan University, 3+3

B.S. in Rehabilitation Services at UMF to M.S. in Counseling at University Southern Maine, 3+2

B.A. in Psychology at UMF to M.S. in Counseling at University of Southern Maine, 3+2

B.A. in Psychology at UMF to M.S.W. in Social Work at University Southern Maine, 3+2

Accelerated Pre-Law Program, 3+3

Accelerated Master’s in Special Education 4+1

Graduate Studies at UMF