We understand that it can be tough to support a student who is undecided or indecisive about selecting a college major. Here are some tips from our advisors:

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  • Don’t pressure your student to declare a major if they are unsure. Programs for undeclared students provide a supportive academic environment where students can complete requirements while learning about their interests.
  • Try to help your student define interests or goals for college.
  • Encourage your student to meet with the academic advisor, the program coordinator, or a career counselor because these meetings can help determine interests.
  • Suggest participation in clubs, organizations, or intramural sports in areas of interests.
  • Encourage the use of personality tests and other forms of self-assessment from our Exploration and Self-Assessment page.
  • Summer jobs can provide opportunities to explore careers.
  • Reassure your student that this is a process and it takes time.  When undeclared students select a major, they do so with a lot of knowledge about their choice and the satisfaction that they have made a good choice.

Read more about resources for families, friends and supporters of college students. 

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