At UMF we offer 3 courses designed especially for students who are undecided and want to explore majors and careers. Students can select any of the following courses starting in their first year:

Student carrying booksLIA 148 College and Life Choices This course pursues answers about the meaning of life and the college experience, and individual work is completed on career planning. Students in the course will write personal mission statements and explanations of how their life goals relate to college and career plans.

ACE 152 Career and Major Engagement This course utilizes experiential learning, class discussion, and reflective writing to engage students in practical, real-world career and major engagement. Students will learn more about themselves by participating in job-shadowing, volunteer, and career activities to gain a better understanding of what majors they would like to explore and what career paths they may eventually decide to follow.

ACE 194 Career Development This course helps students to prepare for careers, internships, and experiences in the world of work by providing opportunities for students to assess their own interests and skills and develop a professional identity; explore career options; and develop job acquisition skills.

The course schedule for a first-year student in the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program varies according to each student’s interests and abilities. Working 1:1 with students, our academic advisors create schedules that are tailored to each student. For example, a student might take Introduction to Psychology to see if he/she finds discovering how the human mind works interesting, as well as to fulfill the social science portion of general education. In the same way, a student could take Marine Biology because he/she has always wanted to know more about marine animals, but also because it fulfills a natural science general education requirement.

Typically, courses fall into these categories:

1. Exploratory courses: UMF offers over 35 majors in a variety of areas (see the listing in the UMF catalog).  Students in the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program can take any introductory course in any major. They have top priority!

2. General Education requirements: All first-year students must take English Composition and First-Year Seminar in the first two semesters. They will also take courses in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Math, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. (Students who have AP credit for English Language are exempt from taking English Composition.)

A typical schedule for a first-year student:

Fall semester                                          Spring semester

First-Year Seminar                                English Composition

Social Science course                          Humanities course

Natural Science course                       Exploratory course

Exploratory course                              Exploratory course
and/or ACE 152

English Composition and First-Year Seminar courses span multiple topics and delve into ideas that students may never have considered before. Some examples of course titles are:

The Meaning of Life
Gender, Race and Class in Media
Total Chaos
Brave New World
TV and American Culture

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