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When do I need to declare a major?

Within 2 years or 4 semesters. If you need more time, it’s OK. No pressure.

Who will be my advisor?

Your advisor will be assigned to you about one month before you begin college. You will meet your advisor during the first week of classes. Many of our advisors are listed on the Advising Staff webpage. 

What will my schedule look like?

Basically, it will look like any other schedule for a first-year student, but it will be unique to you. You will take general education courses and courses to explore your areas of interest.

How will you help me to explore majors?

Good question! Taking a class in a major is only one way to explore. We will suggest clubs, organizations, or activities that match your interests. Many students find volunteer, job or internship opportunities to be a helpful way to learn more about what they like. Summer jobs can also provide some opportunities to explore careers. We also have personality tests, interest surveys, and resources to investigate. Check out our Self-Assessment webpage!

Who can I talk to about this program?

Lori Soucie, our Program Coordinator, would love to chat with you about the program. Get in touch with Lori by writing to her at

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