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Did you know that not every student at UMF has a declared major? The Undeclared program at UMF is a popular option at UMF for students who want to explore before making a decision.  According to Samantha…

 “….it was the best thing I could have done. This program has allowed me to explore different majors. My advisor is also so helpful and awesome! I have had such a positive experience that I would recommend it to any student!”

 Here are some of the reasons why our unique program is so successful:
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  • Students can enroll in introductory courses (we call them exploratory courses) in any major that UMF offers. (For a list of majors, visit the Explore Majors at UMF website).
  • Students can choose from several ACE courses (Academic and Career Exploration), especially designed for students who are exploring.
  • Each student is assigned to one of our caring and knowledgeable academic advisors.
  • Students have up to two full years to explore before needing to decide upon a major.
  • Students have access to self assessment tools and career counselors that can help students to choose the major that is best.

The Liberal Arts Undeclared Program allows students to explore their interests with the guidance of our caring and knowledgeable academic advisors in a non-pressured atmosphere. Course schedules are created individually and are tailored for each student, allowing students to fulfill general education requirements while exploring interests.

How many students declare a major in their first year?

Approximately 30% of the Undeclared students declare a major within their first year. Of those who persist in the program, approximately 80% declare before their fourth semester.

Do students graduate on time?

Yes, most students graduate in 4 years as long as they work closely with their advisor, receive passing grades, and declare a major within 2 years. There are some exceptions. Our retention rate is the same or better than the average retention rate at UMF.

Would you like to know more about our program?

Contact Lori Soucie, Assistant Director of Advising, at lori.soucie@maine.edu.

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