The English program offers students an opportunity to study literature (principally English and American) intensively and to develop their abilities to read and interpret literary and cultural materials. The program features small, discussion-oriented classes, in which students engage with significant literary texts, learn to read with care and sensitivity, and develop important skills in writing, critical thinking, and detailed textual analysis. For a full description, visit the UMF catalog (2023-2024).

How do I explore English at UMF?

There are many ways to explore a major. You could:

  • Review the webpage for this major.
  • Talk to faculty members in the major. Ask about their career path.
  • Choose a class of interest and contact the faculty member to ask about going to one of the classes.
  • Talk with students in the major for insights into the courses you will take and professors who will instruct you.
  • Enroll in one of the following courses: ENG 181 Literary Analysis or any English course.
  • Get involved by joining a club or volunteer with an organization.
  • Volunteer or intern with an organization that is aligned with this major.
  • Talk with a Career Counselor.

What careers can I get with this major?

Data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources. Median Salaries for positions in Maine typically fall below those of other New England states.

What jobs have UMF graduates acquired?

Digital Media Product Manager, Online Learning Coordinator & Instructional Technologist, Blogger/Copywriter, Academic & Career Advisor, QA Specialist, Marketing and Communications Manager, Grant Navigator for the National STEM Consortium, Managing Editor for Maine Authors Publishing, Maine State Police Social Media Liaison, Editorial Assistant, Sales and Marketing Assistant at Islandport Press, College Access Counselor, Project Coordinator at Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching, and others.

Can I minor in English? Are there related majors at UMF?

Yes, UMF has minors in English, Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing, Film Studies, Video Game Studies, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and many other choices. A major related to English is Creative Writing. Read more about majors and minors.

How do I declare this major?

Contact Jeffrey Thompson, Roberts Learning Center,, 207-778-7454 to discuss your interests. To apply to the major, complete a change of major form (available in Merrill Center or any academic office).

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