The University of Maine at Farmington has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest teachers in New England. The many opportunities to work and learn in real-world classrooms, the liberal arts foundation in the content you will teach, and the fact that all courses are taught by full-time faculty are just a few of the factors that have led to UMF being recognized as a leader in the field of Education. For a full description, visit the UMF catalog (2023-2024).

How do I explore Secondary Education at UMF?

There are many ways to explore a major. You could:

  • Review the webpage for this major.
  • Talk to faculty members in the major. Ask about their career path.
  • Choose a class of interest and contact the faculty member to ask about going to one of the classes.
  • Talk with students in the major for insights into the courses you will take and professors who will instruct you.
  • Enroll in one of the following courses: EDU 102 Experiences of Schooling or PSY 225 Child & Adolescent Development.
  • Get involved by joining a club or volunteer with an organization.
  • Volunteer or intern with an organization that is aligned with this major.
  • Talk with a Career Counselor.

What careers can I get with this major?

Data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources. Median Salaries for positions in Maine typically fall below those of other New England states.

What jobs have UMF graduates acquired?

Classroom Teachers in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Adult Education Teacher, Technology Integrator, High School Principal, Principal, Superintendent, Guidance Counselor, Educational Assistant, Director of Business Support, Career Counselor, JMG Specialist, Reading Teacher, and Youth Services Associate.

Can I minor in Secondary Education? Are there related majors at UMF?

Students can minor in related content areas, for example, History, Biology, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, English for Speakers of other Languages, Special Education, and others. Majors related to Secondary Education include School Health Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, World Language Education: French, and related content areas. An English Language Learners certificate is available, too. Read more about majors and minors.

How to I declare this major?

Contact Dr. Patricia Williams, Education Center,, 207-778-7109 to discuss your interests. To apply to the major, contact Kristin Hickey in the Education Center (room 219) to request information. The application will include an essay describing your interest in becoming a teacher and a change of major form (available in Merrill Center or any academic office). Applicants must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher to be considered.

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