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University of Maine at Farmington Alumni

Class of 2018  | President: Sarah Young
Class of 2017  | President: Larissa Hannan
Class of 2016  | President: Kris Kelley
Class of 2015  | President: James Maloney-Hawkins
Class of 2014  | President: Aaron Poirier 
Class of 2013
  | President: Emilee McCallister
Class of 2012  | President: Michael LaFreniere
Class of 2010  | Class Agent: Starr Soul-MacDonald
Class of 2009  | Class Agent: Peter Osborne
Class of 2007  | Class Agent: Katie O’Donnell
Class of 2005  | Class Agent: Michelle Wooley-Jacques
Class of 2004  | Class Agent: Could it be you? E-mail umfalumni@maine.edu.

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