We love to honor our alumni weddings, civil unions, and anniversaries! Alumni, please send photos of your celebrations, including all alumni guests, to umfalumni@maine.edu. Please be sure to include detailed left-to-right caption information, so we can acknowledge all alumni who joined in your celebration.

Morrison and Lejonhund October 1, 2022

Paige Morrison (‘19) and Ian Lejonhund (‘20) were married on October 1, 2022 at Lucerne Inn in Dedham, Maine.

alumni wedding
UMF Photo:
Left to right in back row: Michael Siddall (‘20), Grace Letze, Samuel Carignan (‘18), Tristen Rich (‘21), Kayla Tremblay (‘18), Meghan Foye “19), Lucas Johnston, Samuel Birch (‘17), Nelson Peterson III (‘22), Brandon Marx, Daniel Abbatello (‘18), Benjamin Toribio (‘20), Kyra Toribio (‘21).
Left to right in front row: Richard Card (‘19), Meghan Snow (‘20), Sophie Manning (‘19), Kristin Cobleigh (‘18), Heather Boland (’19), Danica Lamontagne (‘18), Ian Lejonhud (Groom), Paige Lejonhud (Bride), Emillie Singh, Haley Caswell, Grace McIntosh

Walsh and Schumann August 19, 2023

Joy Walsh (‘98) and Reade Schumann were married on August 19, 2023 in Buena Vista, Colorado.

alumni wedding
alumni wedding
Joy Walsh (‘98) and Dina Abbondante (‘98)

Herdan ’14 and Demers ’16 October 15,2022

Innes (Herdan) Demers ’14 and Jeremy Demers ’16 are UMF college sweethearts that married at Farmington’s own Titcomb mountain on October 15, 2022. Their rehearsal dinner was at UMF’s own North Dining Hall. Innes and Jeremy met through mutual friend and wedding guest, Taylor in September 2013. Their first date being a hike on Titcomb mountain in October 2013. Jeremy and Innes moved to Southern Maine in 2016 once Jeremy graduated but Farmington has always remained a special place to both of them

alumni wedding
alumni wedding
Left to right for group picture – 1st row Sylvia Brooks ’16, Jacob Taylor ’14, Kelsey O’Connor ’15, Hayley Smith-Rose ’14, Jeremy Demers ’16, Innes Herdan ’14, Thomas Feeley ’15, Christina Karlsruher ’16, Resa Redhunt ’13, Kerri Traves ’14, Tyler Traves ’14, Sam Ricker ’14, Joshua Cooley ’13, Taylor Ballou ’16, Geoffrey Ballou ’15, Tyler Hadyniak ’15, Lindsey Jacques ’16, Barrett Wilson ’16, Sean McCoy ’16, Jennifer Pinkelman ’17, Marc Boissionault ’16, Cassie Kittredge ’15, Zach Vincent ’15, Bill Asbell ’15

Zabel ’21 and Toribio ’20 July 23, 2023

Kyra Zabel and Ben Toribio recently got married in Rhode Island (July 23rd) and met at UMF! He graduated in the class of 2020 and is now a math teacher at Mt. Blue Middle and an assistant UMF Track coach, and Kyra graduated in 2021 and am now a Communications Specialist – Copywriter at HealthReach Community Health Centers (both pandemic grads, of course). Attached are a couple of photos of the wedding. Please be sure to notate that the images were taken by Emily Leonard Photography. (Our photographer is ALSO a UMF grad!)

Alumin Wedding
Photo of the wedding party: Jacob Leonard (‘22), Sean Cabaniss (‘17), Patrick Tibbetts, Sarah Blomerth (‘20), Tristen Rich (‘21), Ben Toribio (‘20), Kyra Toribio (‘21),Aliana Zabel, Mer Brewer, Emma Petersson (‘22), Gwyneth Ash (‘23), Morgan Raymond

Buckley ’14 and Moore ’13, September 17, 2021

J Matthew Buckley ’14 and Kelsey (Moore) Buckley ’13 were married at Wickham Park in Manchester, Conn., on September 17, 2021. The couple met in 2009 at their UMF matriculation ceremony. They currently reside in Ellsworth, Maine. 

UMF alumni wedding
UMF alumni wedding
UMF alumni wedding
Also in attendance were Alex Randall ’14 (best man) and Kelsey Theriault ’14 (bridesmaid), friends of the bride and groom since 2009. 

Gauvin ’18 and Jaramillo ’17, August 31, 2021

Gabe Gauvin ’18 and Haley Gauvin (Jaramillo) ’17 celebrated their five-year anniversary by eloping among close friends and family on August 31st, 2021, in Meetinghouse Park in downtown Farmington. A small reception followed where they first met—Tuck’s Ale House. The newlywed couple recently purchased their first home in Vassalboro, Maine. They are enjoying exploring their new property with their puppy, Goose. 

UMF alumni wedding

Whitney ’15 and (Lemieux) Whitney ’16, September 4, 2022

Chris Whitney and Kat Whitney were married at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, on September 4, 2022. Chris graduated from UMF with a BS in Secondary Education and Social Studies. He is currently employed by TriCounty Mental Health Services and is an assistant football coach at Dirigo High School. Kat graduated from UMF with a BS in Community Health Education. She currently works at Healthy Community Coalition in Farmington and is finishing up her Master’s Degree in Public Health at The University of New England.

UMF alumni wedding

UMF alumni wedding
The wedding celebration included many beaver alumni. Pictured in back, from left: Kalib Moore ’14, Ian McAlister ’15, Matthew McCarthy ’08, Andrea Richards ’04, John Lemieux, Chris Whitney ’15, Connor Joy ’16, Ben Keene ’16, Ryan Fairbanks ’16, and Jordan Richards-Wilkes ’13. Pictured in front, from left: Kaitlin Goulet ’14, Ashley McCarthy ’10, Ellen Thorne ’14, Kat Whitney ’16, Christa Vattes ’17, Lindsey Joy ’16, Chelsea Steele ’11, Angelica Horne ’16, Michelle Lachance, Sabrina Keene ’17, and Audrey Boyd ’15.

Smith ’16 and Rice ’17, June 26, 2021

Ryan Rice ’16 and Meghan Smith ’17 wed at the Boothbay Harbor Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Meghan works as a kindergarten and first-grade teacher at the St. George School. Ryan works as a JMG specialist at Medomak Valley High School. The newlyweds reside in St. George, Maine with their three-year-old golden retriever, Winnie. 

Starting second from left: Marisa Kelley ’15, Kennadi Grover ’17, Courtney Alofs ’17 Erika Burns ’16, and Katrina Smith ’15.  Starting second from right: Michael Atkins ’18, fourth from right: Samuel Morin ’17, Pet Sumner ’15, Ryan Camire ’17. 

From left to right: Gavin Elliott ’20, Courtney Alofs ’17, Samuel Morin ’17, Kennadi Grover ’17, Shania Morin, Kalyn Grover ’19, Marisa Kelley ’15, Katrina Smith ’15, Hannah Roy ’14, Samantha Bragg ’09, Jamie Beaudoin ’97, Nate Pushard ’18, Meghan Smith ’16’, Ryan Rice ’17, Mike Wing, Lindsey Joy ’16, Connor Joy ’16, Erika Burns ’16, Katie Smith, Kyle Smith, Halda Stout, Ryan Camire ’17, Delaney Coyne ’18, Pet Sumner ’15, and Michael Atkins ’18. 

David ’88 and Cori Holt Celebrate 25 Years

In August 2019, David Holt (1988) and wife Cori Holt, enjoyed a weekend of revelry as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The event was hosted by Bob Siff and his amazing staff at New England Golf & Tennis Camp in beautiful Belgrade, Maine. Friday night, the crew reenacted the rehearsal dinner for the original wedding party guests and for those traveling from out of state. Guests enjoyed a traditional New England lobster bake, sunset cruise and entertainment around the campfire by Danny Silverman (87). UMF Alumni in attendance were Mitch Rosenberg (87), Danny Silverman (87), Mike Stover (89), Paul Murphy (89), John Lesser (90), Luke Irza (91) Chris Stanton (89), Lisa Simard Stanton (89), Kevin (Flyin’) Michaud (88) and favorite UMF Professor, Roy Van Til. Dave & Cori feel blessed to have so many great friends from the UMF Community after all these years.

The beautiful bride and groom in 1986!

(Whitney) Joy ’16 and Joy ’16, October 9, 2020

Connor and Lindsey Joy 16
Connor and Lindsey Joy, both class of 2016, were married on October 9, 2020 at Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine. The bride and groom met their freshman year at UMF in 2012.
Groomsmen from left, Chris Whitney ’15, groom Connor Joy ’16, bride, Lindsey Joy ’16, Cam McCalister ’16, Jordan Richards- Wilkes ’13 and Sean Zubrod ’18
Bridesmaids from left, Katherine Lemieux ’16, Erika Burns ’16, bride Lindsey Joy ’16 and Shannon Richards-Wilkes UMF ’12.
The celebration included so many beaver alumni! Pictured here are, from from left in the back, Shannon Richards-Wilkes ’12, Jordan Richards-Wilkes ’13, Katherine Lemieux’16, Chris Whitney ’15, Kalib Moore ’14, Ben Keene ’16, Meghan Smith ’16, Sean Zubrod ’18, Cam McCalister’ 16, in the middle from left  Ryan Rice’17, Rebecca Young’16, Ryan Fairbanks ’16, Erika Burns ’16, Sabrina Keene ‘ 17 and front row fromleft, Connor Joy ’16, Lindsey Joy ’16, Sean McCoy ’16, Zack Rowland ’16.

Brian Miller ’14 and Cassidy Miller wed in May of 2017.

From left, Blake Shelley ’12 (officiating), bride Cassidy Miller, groom Brian Miller ’14.

Cassidy and Brian ’14 Miller were wed on May 20, 2017 at Alford Lake. They are both teaching at SeDoMoCha in Dover Foxcroft. Brian teaches 4th grade and Cassidy teaches 7th grade Science. They now have a son named Theodore! Blake Shelley ’12 and Brian were roommate at Farmington. They were very happy to have him officiate their wedding.

Bowden ’13 and Pitchford cap off their first year of marriage 

Skyler Bowden ’13 and Seamus Pitchford became the Bowfords on October 5, 2019 at their friend’s home in Kingfield. They enjoyed a windy but beautiful fall day together with their friends and family.
A warm, autumn day set the scene for the Bowford wedding. Seamus and Skyler have known each other since high school.
Bowden ’13 with Cyndi (Woodworth) McShane ’07, Katie (Baum) O’Donnell ’07 and MJ Hammond ’22.

Truesdell ’95 and Truesdell Celebrate 25 years

Lisa (Moody) Truesdell ‘95 and her husband Will celebrated 25 years of marriage on December 17, 2019 in Kennebunkport, ME. Lisa taught second grade until her daughter was born in 2006. Now she spends her time homeschooling her daughter Julia, 14, and son Miles, 6, at their home in Wiscasset. Applying her UMF education and classroom experience, she strives to help other parents provide high quality home instruction on her blog, www.homeschoolnotes.com. She and her family adopted a Maltipoo puppy, Rosco, in January, a source of joy amidst the pandemic.

Anderson ’11 and Anderson Celebrate 5 years

Samantha (Hackett) Anderson ’11 and her husband Dustin celebrated 5 years of marriage on April 25, 2020.

Anderson Wedding

This was their first anniversary with their daughter, Stella, who was born in December 2019.

Anderson Family

Pozzetti ’11 and Pozzetti Celebrate 7 years

Rachel and Patrick ’11 Pozzetti received a sweet anniversary gift last year when their daughter Violet was born. On June 29th, 2020, they celebrated 7 years married and one year with their girl.

Pozetti Family Photo
Pozetti Family Photo

Libby ’90 and Libby Celebrate 30 years

Lori and Edward Libby

June 16, 2020 marked Lori Forest Libby ’90 and Edward Libby’s 30th anniversary. They have two children, Kelsea and Milton, and have two grandchildren, River, 4 and his little sister, Ember, 18 months.

Since graduating from UMF, she has taught for 23 years teaching in small schools from her hometown of Richmond, Maine to Fort Fairfield in the County. Teaching math wasn’t what she thought she’d teach, but she has done that for most of her teaching career. 

In May of 2019, Lori graduated again from UMF with her Masters in Educational Leadership.  She is looking for a Ph.D. program. Along the way, she also had three fiction books published with a small publishing company.

Greenleaf ’14 and Breslin, October 28, 2019


Michelle Greenleaf ’14 eloped with Zachary Breslin on October 28, 2019 at Harbor Park in Wells, ME.


With the happy couple are Gia Pilgrim Charles ’14 and Shoshannah Violet Cotton ’14.


Michelle, Zach, and their Dog of Honor, Ellie.

Tuttle ’14 and Kim ’14, October 5, 2019

Kayla Tuttle and Jordan Kim Wedding photo

Kayla Tuttle ’14 and Jordan Kim ’14 were married on October 5, 2019, at Whitney Farm Estate in Oxford, Maine.

“We met our freshman year when we both lived in Lockwood and were preparing for our first college soccer pre-season,” says Kayla. “We both have so many fond memories of UMF and often think about the many ways our lives would be different if we hadn’t gone there. We are so grateful for the friends, teammates, coaches, and teachers who helped shape us into the people we are today!”

Kayla, who majored in psychology at UMF, recently earned a master’s in occupational therapy. Jordan, who majored in rehabilitation services, is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, working for the Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Maine.

UMF alumni at Kayla and Jordan's wedding

Joining Kayla and Jordan (at center, holding the UMF banner) were several alumni friends, including (front row, left to right) Richard Griffiths ’14, Bethany Lebel ’14, Kelsea Bickford (Trefethen) ’14, Keli McLellan ’15, (back row, left to right) Logan Faulkingham ’13, Emily Nolan (Rice) ’13, Brian Nolan ’14, Derek Reilly ’14, Molly Wilkie ’06, and Samuel Bernier ’11.

Beane ’15 and Beane, August 10, 2018

Dori, Gemma, and Austin Beane

(Left to right) Dori (Condon) Beane ’15, Dog of Honor Gemma Beane, and Austin Beane.

Dori (Condon) Beane ’15 and Austin Beane recently celebrated their one-year anniversary after being married on August 10, 2018, in Farmington with their dog of honor, Gemma. Dori’s colleague Judith Peary-Adams ’02, an administrative specialist in UMF’s Department of Student Life, officiated. Dori is an administrative specialist and special project assistant in the Office of the Dean of Education, Health, and Rehabilitation at UMF, while Austin is an equipment operator for E.L. Vining & Son.

Dori and Austin Beane

Dori’s colleague Judith Peary-Adams ’02, an administrative specialist in UMF’s Department of Student Life, officiated the ceremony in Farmington.

Dori Beane and Maggie Bryant

Dori (Condon) Beane ’15 with wedding guest Maggie Bryant ’14 at the reception.

Meservey ’15 and Carmichael ’15, August 10, 2019

Jessica Meservey ’15 and Ashton Carmichael ’15 wedding photo.

Jessica Meservey ’15 and Ashton Carmichael ’15 (Photo by Ali Reynolds ’15.)

Among the friends and loved ones who witnessed the union of Jessica Meservey ’15 and Ashton Carmichael ’15 in Buxton, Maine, on August 10, were bridesmaid Chelsea Collins ’15, wedding photographer Ali Reynolds ’15, and Kerria Carmichael ’18, who watched the proceedings from her smartphone in Alaska.

Jessica, who majored in elementary education at UMF, is now in her fifth year of teaching sixth-grade ELA/Social Studies at Mattanawcook Junior High School in Lincoln, Maine. She is also pursuing her master’s in Instructional Technology. In her spare time, she helps coach the middle school track team with her husband. Ashton teaches first-year English at Mattanawcook Academy in Lincoln. He also is pursuing his Gifted and Talented Certificate through UMF’s Graduate Studies in Education program and in his spare time helps coach the middle school ski team and — with Jessica’s help — the track team.

The newlyweds live in Lincoln and say they look forward to weekends when they can make breakfast together.

Klaiber ’11 and Fitzgerald ’11, August 3, 2019

Klaiber and Fitzgerald Wedding Photo

Kristin Klaiber ’11 and Patrick Fitzgerald ’11 were married on August 3, 2019, in at Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. (Photo by Provencher Photography.)

Kristin graduated from UMF with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and is now a second-grade teacher in MSAD 75. Patrick graduated from UMF with a bachelor’s in Business Psychology and is now an international sales executive for a bio-medical company based in California. The couple now resides in Portland, Maine.

Klaiber and Fitzgerald alumni wedding guests.

Many alumni attended the wedding, including (back row, right to left) Kel Cenga ’11, Matt Dennett ’09, Amanda McInnis ’11, Jessica Swindlehurst ’11, Adam Chabot ’11, Mike Lawson ’12, Bobby Priest ’11, Andrew Flanagan ’11, Kelly (Shufelt) Frey ’12, and Logan Frey ’11, as well as (front row, right to left) Maureen Capehart ’10 and Rebecca Malburne ’13. Alumni who attended but are not pictured include Trevor Pontbriand ’11 and Marc Relford ’12.

Traves ’14 and Traves ’14, 6th Anniversary, July 20, 2019

Traves Anniversary photo

High school and UMF sweethearts Tyler ’14 and Kerri-lyn (Hernandez) ’14 Traves celebrated their 6th anniversary on July 20, 2019. Joining them in recreating the wedding-day pose (at right) are their two children, Luca, 4, and Lyra, 2. Tyler now works in banking, while Kerri-lyn teaches English to adult learners.

Giggey ’17 and Moore, June 22, 2019

Kassidy Giggey 17 and her husband, Garett Moore

Kassidy Giggey ’17 wed Garett Moore (Unity College ’17) on June 22, 2019, in Brooksville, Maine, in a small ceremony attended by their closest friends, family members, and their dog, Baxter Jason Moore. Christina Hallowell ’16 was the maid of honor.

Kassidy Giggey '17 and her maid of honor, Christina Hallowell '16

Kassidy and her maid of honor, Christina Hallowell ’16.

Kassidy and Christina became best friends through the UMF Theater Department and spent countless hours together in the costume shop in Alumni Theater while in college. Since graduating from UMF with a degree in psychology, Kassidy earned her master’s in educational psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and is now working as a school counselor in Littleton, N.H.

Baxter Jason Moore, the Best Dog at the wedding

The couple’s dog, Baxter Jason Moore, played an important role in their ceremony. 

Lovley ’74 and Lovley, 45th Anniversary, June 29, 2019

Lovley 45th Anniversary

Barbara Sweetser Lovley ’74 wed Patrick Lovley on June 29, 1974. The couple celebrated their 45th anniversary with a trip to Alaska. Barbara is now retired from teaching, and the couple splits their time between Eagle Lake in Maine and Florida.

Bierman and Norweg ’13, June 29, 2019

Bierman and Norweg Wedding

Emily Leah Bierman, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Bierman of Wayland, Mass., and Kyle Raymond Norweg ’13, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Norweg of Norridgewock, Maine, were married on June 29, 2019. The ceremony was held at the Woodlawn Estate in Alexandria, Va.

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Georgetown University, a master’s degree in education from Boston College, and a master’s degree in history from Georgetown University. She taught at Tewksbury Memorial High School before beginning her graduate work at Georgetown, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in the history department.

Kyle earned a bachelor’s in International & Global Studies at UMF, and a master’s in Russian and East European Studies from Indiana University. He is currently employed as an analyst by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The newlyweds honeymooned in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They reside in Alexandria, Va., with their beloved Scottish Terrier, Winston.

Rohman ’93 and Rohman ’93, 25th Anniversary, July 16, 2019

Mark and Merrilee (Mower) Rohman ’93, P’19

Mark and Merrilee (Mower) Rohman ’93, P’19 celebrated 25 years of marriage on July 16, 2019. Mark is a Return to Work Coordinator for Maine’s Worker’s Compensation Division. Merrilee is a 20+ year preschool teacher at the MaineGeneral Health Early Learning Center in Augusta. The silver-anniversary couple reside in Augusta and are the parents of two daughters: Kelsey, a member of the UMF Class of 2019, and Natalie.

Boehner ’10 and Houle, June 1, 2019

Amanda Boenher and Steven Houle

Amanda Boehner ’10 wed Steven Houle on June 1, 2019, in Belmont, N.H.

Among those attending was Crystal Young Larocque ’06, whose daughter, Lydia, served as one of the flower girls. Since graduating from UMF with a degree in elementary education, Amanda has been a Title I kindergarten teacher and held several roles at Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield, N.H. She also works with an adult client on a part-time basis through Easterseals NH.

LeBlanc ’08 and Spizuoco, April 5, 2019

LeBlanc and Spizuoco Wedding

On April 5, 2019, Dani LeBlanc ’08 married James Spizuoco on the cliffs at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Emily Young reads an e.e. cummings poem a the wedding of Dani LeBlanc '08.

Emily Young ’07 (left) read an e. e. cummings poem in the couple’s “short but sweet ceremony” before a small audience of close friends and immediate family. Dani is an 8th-grade language arts teacher at Brunswick Junior High School, while James works at a small law firm in Portland. Dani says they recently moved out of the “big city” to a small house in the woods of Cumberland.

Odiorne ’70 and Odiorne ’72, 50th Anniversary, June 7, 2019

Odiorne Anniversary photo

Gloria (Couillard) Odiorne ’70 and Dave Odiorne ’72 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a rail trip to the Grand Canyon on June 7, 2019. 

Following graduation, the couple launched their careers as 5th-grade teachers in Auburn. Before her retirement in 1997, Gloria also taught in Davenport, Iowa, and Libertyville, Illinois, in both special education and regular education classrooms, from fourth grade through high school. Dave returned to school and became a chiropractor. For 14 years, he practiced in Lewiston, where Gloria managed the office. From 1995 until 2017, Dave was an academic administrator serving four colleges and universities in positions such as provost and vice president for institutional quality and assessment. He is now a consultant, assisting institutions of higher education with accreditation, assessment, and institutional effectiveness. Gloria and Dave now live in Queen Creek, Ariz., with their dog Charlie.

Kapolka ’59 and Kapolka ’59, 50th Anniversary, June 29, 2018

Kapolka 50th Anniversary

Richard and Enid Harris Kapolka, both of the Class of 1959, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 29, 2018, in Lakeland, Fla.

The alumni couple were married June 29, 1968, in Cheshire, Conn. Enid taught Home Economics in Mars Hill and Southwest Harbor, Maine, as well as Cheshire, Conn. Richard worked at Union Carbide/Praxair for 40 years. They lived in Connecticut and Pennsylvania before moving to Florida in 2002.

Kinney ’82 and Kinney ’93, 25th Anniversary, May 19, 2019

Steve and Rhonda Kinney 25th Anniversary

Surrounded by friends and family, Rhonda ’93 and Steve ’82 Kinney celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at Henderson Memorial Baptist Church in Farmington on May 19, 2019.

After celebrating with friends and family, the pair embarked on a fast-paced trip to New York, New Jersey, and then on to Philadelphia. In addition to visiting Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster County, Pa., and taking in a Phillies’s game, the pair visited New York’s historical sites, including the 9/11 Memorial, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.

Palow ’13 and Mailhot, September 22, 2018 

Mailhot Wedding
Surrounded by alumni friends, CeCelia Palow Mailhot ’13 and Greg Mailhot were married on Sept. 22, 2018, at the Causeway Club in Southwest Harbor, Maine, where CeCelia grew up. Front row left to right: Jenny Wibberly ’13, Ashlee Fecteau ’12, Emersyn Fecteau, Michael Ronan ’13, Greg Mailhot, CeCelia Mailhot ’13, Paige Loeven ’13, Catherine Brock ’13, and Emilee McCallister ’13. Middle row left to right: Matthew Wibberly ’13, Cameron Fecteau ’12, Patrick Pozzetti ’11, Connor Lofink ’13, Andrew Streeter, Jackson Fortin ’14, Kelsey Fortin ’14, Rachel Pozzetti ’11, Lauren Mullen ’13, Madison Moody ’13, and Aimee Moody ’13. Back row left to right: Jeremiah Roper ’13, Aaron Poirier ’14, Alyssa Poirier ’13, Jonathan Brock ’13, and Brenton Dupee ’13.

“Although our love story didn’t begin until 2015, we know our paths probably wouldn’t have crossed had we never met in college,” says CeCelia. “I graduated from UMF in 2013 and moved right to Boston to pursue my master’s in psychology, and Greg moved to central Maine to complete a degree in criminal justice. We stayed in touch over the years, and had our first date in the summer of 2015. It wasn’t long before I moved back home to Maine and we began our lives together with our golden retriever, Lucic. Our wedding was celebrated with several UMF alumni, people who we’ve developed lifelong friendships with.”
Mailhot Wedding bridal party
CeCelia’s bridal party: (left to right) sister of the groom Katie Edwards, Lauren Mullen ’13, sister of the bride DeLaney Bracy, CeCelia Mailhot ’13, matron of honor Paige Loeven ’13, and Emilee McCallister ’13. “Paige and I were randomly assigned as roommates freshman year in Lockwood Hall. We met Lauren and Emilee (and several others in our friend group) shortly after, and we’ve all remained close friends throughout the years,” says CeCelia.
Mailhot wedding groomsmen
The groomsmen: (left to right) Michael Ronan ’13, co-best man Cameron Fecteau ’12, Greg Mailhot, co-best man Matthew Wibberly ’13, brother of the groom Mike Johnson, and Nick Deniger.

Seavey ’91 and Seavey ’90, 25th Anniversary, April 2019

Seavey 25th anniversary and vow renewal
Christine Davis Seavey ’90 and Jeff Seavey ’91 celebrated their 25th anniversary with a vow renewal aboard a Celebrity Cruise in April 2019. Jeff still teaches golf at the Samoset Resort in Rockport during summers and at the Black Diamond Club in Lecanto, Fla., in the winter. Christine is in her 10th year as an ER-based registered nurse.
The Seaveys aboard a celebrity cruise.

Meader ’68 and Meader ’68, 50th Anniversary, June 8, 2018
Dick and Betty-Jane Meader
Betty-Jane ’68 and Dick ’68 Meader marked 50 years of marriage on June 8, 2018. They celebrated with friends and family on September 8 at Rivalries Falmouth, owned by their son, Lance ’97.

Switzer ’14 and Hughes, October 21, 2018
Switzer Hughes

Michelle Switzer ’14 and Elijah Hughes were married on a beautiful fall day.

Switzer Hughes wedding party

Among the bridal party were Melody Tobey ’18 (second from left) and Kaitlyn Eastman ’14 (fourth from the left).

Campbell ’11 and Davis ’11, May 2018

Davis / Campbell

Aleigha Campbell ’11 and Chris Davis ’11 were married in a private ceremony at The San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum.

Davis / Campbell

The couple has been together since meeting during the fall semester of their junior year at UMF in 2009.

Davis / Campbell

The couple currently lives in Pittston, Maine. Aleigha is a Chemist II for Abbott Laboratories, while Chris is a lead carpenter for J&A Construction.

Goding ’17 and Richards, September 1, 2018

Goding / Richards

High school sweethearts Rachel Goding ’17 and Zach Richards tied the knot at Black Mountain Ski Resort in Rumford.

Goding / Richards

Bridesmaids Rachel and Olivia Cyr ’17, at far left, met at UMF.

Cyr ’07 and Erquiaga, October 2018


Mallory Cyr ’07 married Owen Erquiaga in October 2018, in Westminster, Colo. Mallory and Owen met at a healthcare conference in 2011. They currently live in Denver, where Mallory works for Colorado’s State Medicaid program advising policy. 

Mailhot and Palow ’13, September 22, 2018

Greg Mailhot and CeCelia Palow met in 2010 while running cross country at UMF, although their love story didn’t until a few years later. Palow left Maine for Boston after graduation to pursue her master’s in psychology, and Greg pursued a criminal justice in Maine. They began dating in summer 2015, and it wasn’t long before Palow moved back home to Maine, where they began their lives together with their golden retriever, Lucic.

Mailhot /Palow Wedding

CeCelia and Greg celebrating with their UMF crew. Front row left to right: Jenny Wibberly ’13, Ashlee Fecteau ’12, Emersyn Fecteau, Michael Ronan ’13, Greg Mailhot, CeCelia Mailhot ’13, Paige Loeven ’13, Catherine Brock ’13, and Emilee McCallister ’13. Middle row left to right: Matthew Wibberly ’13, Cameron Fecteau ’12, Patrick Pozzetti ’11, Connor Lofink ’13, Andrew Streeter, Jackson Fortin ’14, Kelsey Fortin ’14, Rachel Pozzetti ’11, Lauren Mullen ’13, Madison Moody ’13, and Aimee Moody ’13. Back row left to right: Jeremiah Roper ’13, Aaron Poirier ’14, Alyssa Poirier ’13, Jonathan Brock ’13, and Brenton Dupee ’13.

Mailhot /Palow Wedding

CeCelia and Greg were wed at the Causeway Club in Southwest Harbor, where Palow grew up.

Mailhot /Palow Wedding

Michael Ronan ’13, Cameron Fecteau ’12, Greg Mailhot, Matthew Wibberly ’13, Mike Johnson (brother of the groom), and Nick Deniger (friend of the groom).

Skilling ’07 and Spiller, September 2, 2018
Spiller Wedding

Megan Skilling ’07 and Timothy Spiller were wed at the United Methodist Church of Auburn.

Skilling-Spiller 3

Pictured here among the bridal party are friends of the bride from UMF, Hanna (Ross) Stholman ’10 (and her daughter, flower girl Erin, third from the left), Brianna (Boucher) Walton (fourth from the left), and maid of honor Margaret Gabelman (next to the bride).

Skilling-Spiller Wedding

Griffiths ’11 and Timmreck ’11, July 14, 2018

Jessica Timmreck ’11 wed classmate Will Griffiths ’11 on July 14, 2018, at Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine. (All Griffiths wedding photos by Bill Ellis.)

Timmreck and Griffiths wedding party

Joining Will and Jessica for the ceremony were many alumni friends and family members, including Andrew Dean ’11 (far left), Brandon Emerson ’12 (second from left), brother of the groom Rick Griffiths ’14 (fifth from left), best man DJ Gerrish ’11 (sixth from left), and McKell Barnes ’11 (at far right). 

Timmreck and Griffiths wedding photo

Will and Jess met and became friends at UMF. After graduation, Jess taught in South Korea and later Miami, Fla., and Will moved to Washington, D.C., to begin a career in fundraising. In 2014, they reconnected at a Red Sox vs. Orioles game in Baltimore. Jess is now a kindergarten teacher in northern Virginia, and Will is a fundraising consultant in D.C., where the couple now resides.

Musicant ’16 and Boynton ’18, May 26, 2018

Musicant and Boynton Wedding photo

Elise Musicant ’16 wed Daniel Boynton ’18 on May 26, 2018, in Rockland, Maine.

Boynton and Musicant's Engagement

Daniel and Elise met at UMF, and were close friends before they started dating in 2013. In 2016, he proposed to her on the lawn of Mallett Hall. The bride and groom currently reside in reside in Waterville.

Deans ’11 and Joyce, October 20, 2018

Emma Deans wedding photo

Emma (Deans) Joyce ’11 wed Kyle Joyce on October 20, 2018. Emma is assistant director of communications at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine, where she also serves as managing editor of the college’s alumni magazine.

Workman ’16 and Campbell, June 23, 2018

Jinni Workman ’16 wed Matthew Campbell at Governor Hill Mansion in Augusta, Maine, on June 23, 2018.

Jinni Workman wedding photo

“The day was perfect. Our ceremony was performed by Susan Taylor who embodied us in a two-page essay,” says Workman. “It was filled with love and happiness and time spent with those most important to us!” (Photos by Jenn Holt and Jo Ann Wood.)

Jinni Workman wedding photo

The newlyweds now reside in Scarborough, Maine. Workman is earning a master’s in social work at the University of Southern Maine while serving as a care coordinator for Catholic Charities Support Recovery Services.

Jinni Workman wedding photo.

Among the wedding guests were (left to right) UMF alumni Rachael Mitchell ’15 and Tyler Creasey ’16, who joined Workman and friends Cassie Hauber and Josie Ellis at the “selfie station.”

Russell ’12 and Lane ’13, August 11, 2018

Will Lane ’13 and Marie Russell ’12 were wed at Black Mountain of Maine Ski Resort in Rumford, Maine, on August 11, 2018.

Russell and Lane Wedding Photo

Many UMF alumni attended, including (left to right) Richard Russell ’14, Chelsea Bartlett ’14, Courtney (Randall) McLaughlin ’13, Brady McLaughlin ’12, Grace Kendall ’14, Elyse Pratt-Ronco ’02 and Larry Ronco, Grady Burns ’13 Mary Sinclair ’05, Marie (Russell) Lane ’12, Will Lane ’13, Ryan Bretschneider ’13, Kim Courtemanche ’12, Lizz (Theriault) Mayhew ’13, Andrea (Bryant) Bretschneider ’12, Joe Foye ’13, Mike Nolette ’91, Katie (Finn) Nolette ’95, Jeff Bailey ’98, and Neil Nolette ’22.

Dee ’13 and Poirer ’14, September 24, 2016

Alyssa Dee ’13 and Aaron Poirier ’14 were married in an outdoor ceremony at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, on September 24, 2016.

Poirier Wedding

It was a beautiful fall day with amazing people and a wonderful ceremony written with the help of officiant and friend of the bride and groom Keera.

Poirier Wedding

The joyful bridal party (left to right): cousin of the bride Chanelle, friend of the bride Melissa, Alyssa, Catherine Brock ’13, Paige Hammond ’13, cousin of the bride Sam, and Patrick Hurley ’13.

Poirier Wedding

The groom’s party (left to right): Caleb Christensen Fletcher ’14, Zach Fowler ’13, brother of the bride Nathan, Aaron Poirier ’14, Allison Reynolds ’15, Ben, and Eric Buckhalter ’12.

Poirier Wedding

Eric Buckhalter ’12, Paige Loeven ’13, Caleb Christensen Fletcher ’14, Sam, Patrick Hurley ’13, Allison Reynolds ’15, Alyssa ’13, Aaron ’14, Catherine Brock ’13, Ben, Melissa, Nathan, Chanelle, and Zach Fowler ’13.

Michelle Greenleaf

UMF guests Michelle Greenleaf ’14 and Liz Dunn ’13.

Poirier Wedding

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with dancing and delicious food at The Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth, where CeCelia Palow ’13, Alyssa ’13, Paige Loeven ’13, Aimee Moody ’13, and Lauren Mullen ’13 gathered for a photo. 

McIntyre ’12 and Vollmer, June 19, 2018

Vollmer Wedding

Katherine McIntyre ’12 married James Vollmer on June 19, 2018, in College Station, Texas. As James is from Texas and Katherine grew up in Maine, their theme was Texas meets Maine. The decorations included cowboy boots and stuffed Maine lobsters. Left to right: Bradley McIntyre, Alex Vollmer, George Vollmer, James Vollmer, Katherine (McIntyre) Vollmer ’12, Samantha Ellis ’12, Libby (Doyon) McIntyre ’12, and Victoria Bennett.

Vollmer Wedding

Libby (Doyon) McIntyre ’12 (left of the bride) and Samantha Ellis ’12 made the trip to College Station, Texas, for the ceremony and celebration.

Burrill ’11 and Kelly, June 15, 2018

Asia Burrill ’11 married Shane Kelly on June 15, 2018, at Fort Allen Park on the Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine.
Asia and Shane in their wedding best stand at Fort Allen Park.

The late-morning ceremony was followed by lunch with close friends and family at The Harbor Room restaurant. Festivities continued on Thompson’s Point at Cellardoor Winery and Bissell Brothers Brewing Company. 
“It was a perfectly simple and relaxing day of celebration in Portland,” said Asia.

Asia and Shane

“Although Shane did not attend UMF, we happened to meet in Farmington in August 2014. The area holds a lot of meaning for us,” said Asia, who graduated from UMF with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Shane graduated from Clemson University in 2013 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. They currently reside in Portland.

Carter ’15 and Cawood, July 21, 2018

Lindsey Carter ’15 married Nicholas Cawood on July 21, 2018, in an outdoor ceremony at Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine.

“Nick and I were really good friends in high school and that friendship continued into college,” says Carter. “We started dating at the end of college in 2014 and bought a house together in 2017. We got engaged atop Shawnee Peak in Bridgton in June of that year.”

Both avid skiers and snowboarders, the pair thought Sunday River would be a beautiful spot to get married. “It incorporated our past with our love of being outdoors,” Carter says. “Nick’s father married us, and we were surrounded by all our family and friends. The best part of the day was walking down the aisle to him waiting! Nick is the sweetest man I have ever met, and I’m so blessed to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Joining Lindsey and Nick were Katie 04 and Josh 03 Vetro as well as Darcy Pinkham 03. Carter majored in elementary education at UMF and is teaching fourth- and fifth-grade students at Buxton Center Elementary School. Cawood, who graduated from Maine Maritime Academy, is an engineer with the Maine Department of Transportation. They live in Standish, Maine. Pictured, from left to right, are Kathy Melvin, Evan Greenlaw, Chrissy Cawood, Ashley Preston, Lorynn Carter, Maeghen Howe, Lindsey and Nick, Cameron McKague, Jordan Adams, Wade Mandeville, Josh Greenlaw, and Scott Melvin.

Spinelli ’14 and Jenkins ’13, June 9, 2018

Gina Spinelli ’14 wed Brian Jenkins ’13 in a late-afternoon outdoor ceremony officiated by D.J. Gerrish ’11 at Wardbrook Farm in Kennebunk, Maine. Several alumni comprised the wedding party, including maid of honor Molly Carbin ’14 and bridesmaid Rachel Kosnow ’14, as well as groomsmen Roy Burdin ’11, Brandon Emerson ’13, Tim Gingras ’12, and Will Griffiths ’11. The newlyweds now reside in Washington, D.C., where Brian recently graduated from The George Washington University with a master’s in public administration and received his commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He will spend summer 2018 leading cadets at Fort Knox in Kentucky. Gina recently left her admissions position with Georgetown University’s executive MBA program to return to freelance photography while preparing for their move to Fort Benning, Ga., where Brian will continue his training later this summer.

“It was a beautiful ceremony,” says Gina. “Brian and I are absolutely thrilled that we were able to celebrate with so many of our lifelong Farmington friends.”

Gina Spinelli and Brian Jenkins

Gina Spinelli ’14 and Brian Jenkins ’13 at Wardbrook Farm in Kennebunk, Maine, where they were married on June 9, 2018. (Photo by Mackenzie Lamoureaux.)

Gina Spinelli and Brian Jenkins

(Photo by Mackenzie Lamoureaux.)

Spinelli Jenkins wedding group

Among the alumni and friends attending the ceremony were (front row, left to right) Will Griffiths ’11 and D.J. Gerrish ’11; (middle row) Brandon Emerson ’13, Leah Brackett, assistant director of the UMF Fitness and Recreation Center, and Dale Winchenbach ’14; and (back row) Nolan Lovell ’13, Ethan Jean ’13, Eddie Flaherty ’13, Brian Jenkins ’13, and Ryan DiPompo ’11.


Hall ’07 and Fay, April 28, 2018
Rebecca F. Hall ’07 wed Jonathan Fay II in an outdoor ceremony atop Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah on April 28, 2018. On a bluebird Saturday, friends and family joined the bride and groom in taking the aerial tram to Hidden Peak for the 3 p.m. ceremony. After the exchange of vows, the couple — in full wedding regalia — skied down the double black-diamond trail Great Scott.

“Skiing is a passion we both share, so it only felt right to ski down off the mountain after the ceremony,” says Hall, who expertly managed the first run of married life in a wedding dress and carrying her bouquet. “It was such a magical day!”

Following an afternoon of skiing, Hall and Fay celebrated with dinner and dancing at a lodge in nearby Alta, where the couple first met. Joining in the celebration were the bride’s brother, Justin Hall ’05, and her close friend Danielle Gallant ’07.

Rebecca F. Hall ’07 and Jonathan Fay II

Rebecca F. Hall ’07 and her husband, Jonathan Fay II, take their vows atop Hidden Peak at Utah’s Snowbird Ski Resort (photo by Danielle Gallant ’07)

Rebecca Hall

After the ceremony Hall ’07 skied down the double black-diamond trail Great Scott, in her wedding dress and carrying her bouquet. (Photo by Eric Scott)

Justin Hall

Joining in the celebration were Hall’s brother, Justin Hall ’05, and her sister-in-law, Leanne Hall. (Photo by Danielle Gallant ’07)

Hall and Gallant

The bride with her classmate and BFF (Best Farmington Friend) Danielle Gallant ’07