The UMF Fund touches everyone and everything on campus.

It is our top fundraising priority because the University of Maine at Farmington depends on it to fund day-to-day operations and meet our annual operating budget.

Unlike our endowment, which is invested, the UMF Fund is used to support the current year’s needs. These unrestricted funds also allow us to respond to changing circumstances and pursue new opportunities.

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What does my UMF Fund gift support?

The UMF Fund provides support of critical needs of the campus including financial aid for students, funds to expand and enhance the academic programs, student life, preservation of buildings and grounds, athletics and technology.

Who gives to the UMF Fund?

People who care about UMF and are invested in its future in the community. They include:

  • Alumni who know first-hand the value of their education here.
  • Parents who value the experience the University had on their son or daughter.
  • Faculty and staff who want to show added support
  • Friends who have found the University to be a valuable resource.

Will my gift really make an impact?

Absolutely! Every gift, no matter what size, matters significantly. Collectively, gifts from alumni, parents and friends can make an enormous difference in improving the educational experience. Your participation helps make outstanding programs and services available to current students.

How do I make my gift?

The quickest way would be to use our secure giving site.

Make a Gift

For more details, including how to make gifts of stock or where to learn more about putting UMF in your will, please see our Ways to Give page.