These four alumni met 50 years ago as they started as roommates at UMF. Never have gone long without reuniting! Some relationships are meant to last!

Sharon Ryer (Jones) ’76, Gail Sirois (Lamarr) ’76, Kathy Ambrose( Macdonald), ’77, and Paula Robbins (Demers) ’77.

The “Clearwater Group”

Back row: Peggy Savage (she did not go to UMF but is an honorary member), Dianna Stevens Gram ‘78, Claire de la Motte Vining ‘76, Peggy Ward Laude ‘76, Julie Bond Stegna ‘78, Debbie Van Buren Gray ‘78
Kneeling in front: Kathy Young Groder ‘77, Sue Stambaugh Davenport ‘76

Sorority Sisters visit Mrs. McLean, Advisor to Lambda Epsilon Sorority January 18th 2024

L to R: Anne Wallace Tarr ’79, Karen Nichols ’76 (our ring leader), seated is Mrs. McLean, on the right front is Sue Wallace Dodge’74, right back Georgie Cote Lyons’74

Phi Sigma Pi Gathering at DaVincis on Tuesday Dec 5th. 2023

L to R: 1st row. Pete Wintle (75),Mike Cook(71),Dave Jones(72),Bruce Hillman(74)
2nd row Jim Townsend(74),Ron Tagleantie(75),Dan Dwyer(75)

Women’s Alumni Basketball Game- November 4th

alumni basketball
Jenessa Talarico ’18, Becky Roak ’01, Courtney Brent ’23, Rhiannan Jackson ’17, Alex Bessey ’22, Meghan Smith Price ’16, Courtney Alofs Pushard ’17, McKenna Brodeur ’22, Makayla Wilson ’22, Melissa Sawyer Boulette ’06, Coach Nate Carson ’14, Asst Coach Noah Caroll ’19.

Retired Professor and Alumni

retired professor and alumni
Theresa Overall and Kim Ferrari (‘13)

Scott South 1973-1977 Crew!
Finally, we have all retired! While Mary Zebiak Sapoznik was back in Maine for her 50th HS class reunion these longtime friends gathered at the Olive Garden in Bangor for a wonderful lunch and an afternoon of laughs.

Sapoznik, Alumni
Standing are Claire de la Motte Vining (our Resident Assistant) and Joellen Merry.
Seated are Janie Austin Lander, Rhonda Benson Merry, Marcy Zebiak Sapoznik and Susan LaGasse. (July 27, 2023)

The couple met at UMF and married in 2020. Liam Joy was born March 2, 2023.

Joy, Alumni
Connor Joy (2016), Lindsey Joy (2016), and Liam Joy

Rice, Alumni
Left to right: Meghan Rice (2016) with Jacoby, Erika Burns (2016) and Lindsey Joy (2016) with Liam.

Daniel Silverman (class of 1987) shared pictures of his daughter’s wedding this past July 30, 2023, at the top of Killington Peak VT.

Holt, Alumni
Left rear -David C. Holt ’88, Right rear- Daniel Silverman ’87, Left Front – Michele Rosenberg (Mitch’s Wife) Right front – Mitchell Rosenberg ’87

Rosenberg, Alumni
Left to Right: Mitchell Rosenberg ’87, Michele Rosenberg, Daniel Silverman ’87, Anne Silverman, David C. Holt ’88, Cori Holt – friends for about 40 years!

Rideout, Alumni
Front: Brandi Rideout ‘06, Megan (McCrum) Weber ’07 is behind me, then from left to right in the back, Jessica Bettney, Katelyn (Ross) Condon ’08, Kelly (McDonough) Randall ’08, Megan (Goodrow) Flagg ’08

Kappa Delta Phi Gathering- May 2023

mcanney, retired professor
Retired Professors Cathleen McAnneny and Sylvia McCarron

Farmington State Teachers College Reunion – Duane Small (host)

Tilton, Alumni
Left to Right: Sandra (Tilton) McGonagle (‘63),
Elaine Goulette (‘62) and Brenda MacKenzie (‘63)

Hanley, Alumni
Left to Right: Jackie (Hanley) Frost (‘63), Larry
Greenlaw (‘63) and Parul Scruton (‘63)

Salminen, Alumni
Left to Right: Dick Salminen (‘63)and Peter Selwood(‘63)

Cloutier, Alumni
Left to Right: Barbara (Cloutier) Selwood (‘63)
Dick Salminen (‘63) and Paul Scruton (‘63)

Batchelor, Alumni
Left to Right: Sandi (Batchelor) Hudon (‘63) and Armand Hudon (‘64)

Southwestern Maine Alumni Luncheon- September 20, 2023

Dahlgren, Alumni
Left to Right: Wahneta Dahlgren (‘53), Judy Flaker (‘59) and Maizie Argondizza (‘54)