Endowed Gifts

Endowed gifts are gifts or pledges of $25,000 or more that may be paid over five years. Endowed gifts contribute to the long-range plans of the University by strengthening our ability to fund programs in perpetuity.

Endowed gifts may be made in support of financial aid, academic programs, the renovation and construction of campus facilities, programmatic needs in student life, athletics, and other aspects of the University’s operation. Endowed gifts may be funded through a combination of outright gifts of cash and securities, limited partnerships, real estate, other forms of tangible personal property, and may include a planned gift component including bequests, trusts and annuities, or similar vehicles.

Building a healthy endowment is critical to the success of the University and its ability to provide an exceptional and affordable educational experience. Endowment gifts and UMF Fund contributions are the vital signs of the University’s fiscal health, and directly impact the quality of the education and experience that UMF can offer its students — today and well into the future.

* The actual amount varies as it is actually calculated based upon a three-year market value rolling average.