An outright bequest is the most common means of remembering UMF. A bequest is a provision in your will or living trust that directs a portion of your estate be transferred to UMF at a time subsequent to your death. If you have a will and wish to make a provision for UMF without redoing your will, you can add that provision with a codicil. Please contact our office for assistance.

Sample Language to use when making a bequest to UMF.
Gift Planning Notification Form 

Specific Cash Bequest – This is the most popular type of charitable bequest. You simply leave a specific dollar amount to UMF.

Residuary Bequest – After all other specific bequests, taxes and expenses have been paid, UMF receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate.

Contingent Bequest – UMF is named the contingent or next beneficiary should the primary beneficiary (spouse, child, friend) pre-decease you.

Property Bequest – UMF receives specific assets, such as securities, real estate, or tangible personal property (for example, works of art or antiques).

Retirement Assets – You can designate UMF as a beneficiary of part or all the remainder of your IRA or retirement plan (Learn More).