The FRC provides a dynamic work environment that will grow professional skills of our student employees, while providing a foundation for leadership skills. Students employed through the Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC) gain transferable skills for any career path ahead. Critical thinking, customer service, and communication are just some of the skills our employees use each day to thrive in their positions.

Department funded, work study and work initiative positions are available.

Many of our positions prefer some experience in the FRC. Get to know our facility; you’ll be glad you did! Stop by and say hi to your potential new supervisor! Participating in a Mainely Outdoors activity or an Intramural event is another great way to get involved.


Get your resume ready and apply here! 


Questions regarding our application process can be directed to

Direct Supervisor: Jennifer Pageot | | (207) 778-7437

Direct Supervisors: Alison Thayer | | (207) 778-7567

Michael Colella | | (207) 778-7505

  • PHE Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Building Attendant

Michael Colella | | (207) 778-7505

Direct Supervisor: Alison Thayer | | (207) 778-7567

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