The University of Maine at Farmington prides itself on welcoming students who want to make a difference in the world. We’re committed to making that opportunity available to as many students as we possibly can.

We will continue to offer Merit-based scholarships to students who demonstrate high academic achievement.

UMF Success Scholarship

The UMF Success Scholarship rewards students who have performed well in their high school academic courses. And the best part — the UMF Success Scholarship follow you throughout your college career at Farmington.

Value: $1K to $8K, depending on your Grade Point Average (GPA) at UMF. (See below)

Note: You must apply for admission by May 1 to be considered for this award.

If you are admitted to UMF as a first-time, First-Year student from Maine, use the Required GPA below to see which level of academic scholarship you’re eligible for.

UMF Success Scholarship

Those Paying the Non-Maine Resident Tuition Rate Those Paying New England Regional Program Tuition Rate
Required GPA Amount per Year Amount per Year
3.5+ $8,000 per year
($32,000 over four years)
$5,000 per year
($20,000 over four years)
3.25 – 3.49 $6,000 per year
($24,000 over four years)
$3,500 per year
($14,000 over four years)
2.75 – 3.24 $4,000 per year
($16,000 over four years)
$2,000 per year
($8,000 over four years)

Your GPA is determined by a recalculation during the review. Typically, students with a B average will receive some form of Merit Award. Students with averages above B in academic courses can be considered for the other scholarships.

For the 2023-24 academic year, we’ve also added two NEW scholarship opportunities and an expanded Tuition Pledge

Sandy River Scholars

Sandy River Scholars are students with demonstrated academic success as well as leadership experience, community service, resilience through hardship, or service within their communities.

Value: Up to $12,000 for Non-Maine residents.

Note: Some students may qualify for both the UMF Success Scholarship and Sandy River Scholarship opportunities.

Service & Leadership Scholars

Service & Leadership Scholars are students who exemplify leadership; persistence; and a demonstrated commitment to work, their community or activism. We look for solid students whose academic record may not fully reflect their leadership and future abilities.

Value: Up to $12,000 for Non-Maine residents.

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