No special application is necessary for consideration for these scholarships. All of them are renewable and available for up to a total of eight semesters, provided the student remains in good academic standing and maintains full-time enrollment of at least twelve credit hours per semester at UMF.

See our Net Price Calculator for an estimate of how much total financial aid you may be eligible for and of your net cost of attendance.

In the meantime, below are the names and amounts of new merit scholarships that were approved for first-year students admitted to UMF in the fall.

Academic Scholarships

The University of Maine at Farmington rewards students who have performed well in their high school academic courses. If you are admitted to UMF as a first-time, first-year student from out-of-state with a class rank in the top 30% of your graduating class* and are pursuing a rigorous college prep curriculum in high school, you are eligible for one of the academic scholarships listed below.

For Students Paying the Non-Maine Resident Tuition Rate For Students Paying the New England Regional Program Tuition Rate
Scholarship Name Required Class Rank Awarded in the Amount of: Awarded in the Amount of:
Academic Excellence Scholarship Top 10 Percent* $8,000 per year
($32,000 over four years)
$5,000 per year
($20,000 over four years)
Academic Distinction Scholarship Second Tenth (between top 11% and top 20%)* $6,000 per year
($24,000 over four years)
$3,500 per year
($14,000 over four years)
Academic Achievement Scholarship Third Tenth (between top 21% and top 30%)* $4,000 per year
($16,000 over four years)
$2,000 per year
($8,000 over four years)

*Students whose high schools do not report rank will be considered for these scholarships on the basis of their high school courses and their grades in academic courses. Typically, students with no reported rank and a B average in academic courses are awarded the Academic Achievement Scholarship. Students with averages above B in academic courses can be considered for the other scholarships.

UMF Diversity Scholarship

Limited numbers of Diversity Scholarships are available each year for outstanding new first-year students from out-of-state whose attendance at UMF would help create a more diverse campus community.

These scholarships are awarded at the time of admission in the following amounts, depending on the student’s tuition rate:

$4,000 per year to Non-Maine resident students who pay the out-of state tuition rate.

$2,000 per year to Non-Maine resident students who pay the New England Regional Program tuition rate.

Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated quality academic achievement in high school, contributed to their schools and communities, and who can contribute to diversity on campus.

Criteria used when considering a student’s potential contributions to diversity include, but are not limited to, special talents (except for athletic ability**), geographic location, ethnicity, and academic interests and ability.

** As a member of NCAA Division III, UMF is not permitted to consider athletic skill in awarding any kind of financial assistance.

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