The Professional Studies program gives you the opportunity to pursue a general liberal arts education while also acquiring valuable career proficiency. Designed for maximum flexibility, it offers real-world skills and a broad-based liberal arts education designed to match the kinds of broad skill sets employers tell us they’re looking for in today’s college graduates. For a full description, visit the UMF catalog (2023-2024).

How do I explore Professional Studies at UMF?

There are many ways to explore a major. You could:

  • Review the webpage for this major.
  • Talk with the Program Coordinator, Lori Soucie,, to learn more about the benefits of a general studies degree.
  • Choose a class of interest and contact the faculty member to ask about going to one of the classes.
  • Talk with students in the major for insights into the courses you will take and professors who will instruct you.
  • Volunteer or intern with an organization that is aligned with this major.
  • Talk with a Career Counselor.

What careers can I get with this major?

The Professional Studies program includes completion of a set of Core Requirements, an 18 credit Concentration chosen in consultation with your advisor, and the opportunity to complete a Minor. The courses that a student takes to satisfy a Minor and Concentration can be tailored to a student’s desired career path and future goals.

What jobs have UMF graduates acquired?

Director of Human Resources, Behavioral Health Professional, Environmental Health and Safety, Equestrian Facility Manager, Seamstress, business owner and more.

How do I declare this major?

Contact the Program Coordinator, Lori Soucie, to discuss your interests. To apply to the major, complete a change of major form (available in Merrill Center or any academic office).

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