Student Activity Fee

This is a student-approved mandatory fee that is administered by the students for educational,  cultural,  social,  and recreational purposes. Changes to this fee require the approval of the student body, University President, Chancellor, and Board of Trustees.

Unified Fee

This fee is used to cover fixed costs of providing educational services that may not be directly related to the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled.  This fee supports activities such as student services, the operation of facilities such as student and fitness centers, and student-utilized,  instruction-related technologies.

Student Health & Wellness Fee

This fee is charged to students registered for 4 or more credit hours of classes held at UMF.  It covers 3 health center office visits per semester, 3 counseling center visits per semester, and fees associated with Mainely Outdoors.

Technology Fee

This fee supports the campus technology and educational environment necessary to meet the technological demands of the University of Maine community.

Education Major Fee

All students enrolling in Teacher Education degree programs (Bachelors or Masters of Science in Education) will be assessed a one-time $139 Education Major fee. This fee activates your account with Tk20, a required assessment system for Teacher Education degree programs. The one-time fee activates your account for seven years.

Orientation Fee

New Student orientation is not subsidized through tuition. The orientation fee is a one-time fee that finances programs, activities, events, meals, publications, and materials necessary for one’s successful transition to UMF. The program is intentionally designed with multiple experiential opportunities that enhance one’s development of a network and connections providing a foundation for academic and personal success at UMF.  The orientation program guides new students as they gather relevant information about university and academic requirements, academic advising/planning, and holistic development. Specifically, the fee covers publications, programmatic materials and supplies, activities and events, meals, entertainment and staffing before the academic year (or semester) begins.

Outreach Fee

Students enrolling in Graduate level courses, on a non-degree basis, will be charged a $50 per semester Outreach Fee.

Course Fees

Some courses have an additional fee to cover the costs of materials, provided by the instructor, that will be used in the course.  Typically, all lab science or art classes have an additional fee, although other courses can as well.  These fees vary and are indicated in the description of the course on Mainestreet.