The University has a strong, collaborative working relationship with town and county law enforcement. In fact, many of our campus public safety officers are deputized law officers or members of local law enforcement agencies.

Security and Crime Prevention

We believe preventing crime is far better than dealing with crime after it has occurred. To that end, we employ a wide range of security and crime prevention programs. For instance, each residence hall building is locked down 24/7. Entry is granted to residents only through an electronic card access control system.

We provide emergency phones and outdoor call boxes throughout campus, including at outlying parking lots, each linked directly to the UMF Dept. of Public Safety / Campus Police communication system.

Because we want students to feel safe walking in the Farmington campus area we offer a Campus Escort service, providing evening escort service to students and employees, 4pm-midnight.

UMF Safe App — FREE

The UMF Safe App is a free, downloadable, University of Maine at Farmington-specific app that puts a collection of safety resources at students’ and campus community members’ fingertips — 24/7.

Features include direct access to campus police and emergency numbers, a trackable virtual Friend Walk, and direct links to common campus support resources that will help students have a successful college experience.

The UMF Safe App is available free for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Go to your store and use the search term, UMF Safe.

A key feature of the app is the virtual Friend Walk, a tool that allows an individual to send a message to a friend with a link so they can track that person virtually as they walk to their destination.

UMF Safe works with the GPS functionality of an individual’s phone and shows their location on a map, their progress, and their safe arrival at their destination. If they need assistance for any reason, there is a button to notify their friend and initiate a call to Campus Police.

The app was developed by Wayne Drake, former Police Sergeant with UMF’s Department of Public Safety / Campus Police, with federal support from the Corona Virus Emergency Supplemental Fund.

Approachable, Open & Transparent

At Farmington, we pride ourselves on being approachable, proactive and open. Our Public Safety Officers walk the campus night and day and really get to know our students. UMF students quickly become comfortable talking with them as trusted confidants and our officers soon get to know most students on a friendly, first-name basis.

In the event of a crime considered to be a threat to students, the University works quickly to alert and inform students in an accurate and timely manner.

Simply put, we don’t hide things here. This may not necessarily happen at all colleges, but it’s the way we do things here at Farmington.

More about the UMF Dept. of Public Safety / Campus Police

UMF Annual Security / CLERY Report (pdf)

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