Steven Ekstrom

Why did I choose UMF? The number one top reason was for the Dance Team, which I joined! And also, the school is very, very welcoming.

What do I do for fun around here Again, Dance Team! I also like going to UMF Free Movie Night with my friends at the movie cinema right downtown. We catch a lot of movies.

What do I like most about UMF? Surprisingly … one of my favorite things about UMF is the food. I know college students usually complain about their dining halls, but I really like this one because it has a lot of great breakfast choices, and I’m all about breakfast — it’s the most important meal of the day, right? (laughs).

— Stephen Ekstrom
Early Childhood Education major

Kimlie Gillespie

Why did I choose UMF? Well, I liked that it wasn’t in a big city or anything, considering I’m from a smaller place. And I also liked the selection of majors — specifically pertaining to web design, graphic design, and new media.

What do I do for fun around here? Mostly, I hang out with friends and play board games and video games. And The Landing on campus has a lot of nighttime events like karaoke, open mic night, game night, and whatnot, so that’s pretty cool to go to.

What do I like most about UMF? Probably the people — meaning professors, friends, and other people. There’s very much a tight community here and I think that’s nice. Professors will wave to you and say hi, and they’ll know your name. You don’t feel lost in a sea of people, which I feel a lot of universities can be like.

— Kimlie Gillespie
Web Design major, Video Game Studies minor

Portrait of Lucky Mourredes

Why did I choose UMF? Actually, I transferred here from another university in Maine in my freshman year. I had some friends who went to school here and I checked it out and it seemed UMF was a better fit so I decided to come here instead – and it’s been great. 

What do I like most about UMF? Well, I’m majoring in Biology and I think we have a great Bio Department – I’ve really enjoyed all of the science classes I’ve taken so far. They’re hard and challenging and a lot of work, but I’m getting so much out of them.

— Lucky Mourredes
Biology major

Portrait of Kiera Jasper

Why did I choose UMF? I chose UMF because it was close to where I graduated high school and it seemed pretty cool. I was originally an Education major and UMF was just like the place for that. Then I got more into math while I was here and I switched majors to Mathematics. But I’ve fallen in love with a lot of other things about Farmington. I love the outdoorsy-ness, the smell of the evergreens, and the overall casual vibe here.

— Kiera Jasper
Mathematics major

Portrait of Ben Kern

Why did I choose UMF? Well, I chose UMF first for the Psychology program and then when I visited I thought Farmington was a really nice area. I was looking for a smaller school where I would get to know people and sure enough, I know at least half of the campus by face. That’s a really nice feeling.

What do I do for fun around here?
I sometimes I’ll catch first-run movies downtown at the Narrow Gauge Cinema, which does a whole Free Movie Night thing. I also like to come out here on the campus green and play my guitar, which sometimes draws other students to come hang out. I’ve met a lot of new people this way, it’s kind of my friend-finding jam.

— Ben Kern
Psychology major

Portrait of Grace Turner

Why did I choose UMF? I transferred to Farmington after a year of community college and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do but I knew UMF has a really good Teacher Education program so I came here for that.

What do I do for fun around here? I mostly do a lot of reading and writing in the creative writing lab. I also do a lot of events in my residence hall and hang out with friends at the Beaver Lodge in the Student Center. The Beaver Lodge is a really cozy on-campus dining room. It has a nice vibe there.

— Grace Turner
Double major in English and Secondary Education – English, with a double minor in Psychology

Portrait of Caleb Allen

Why did I choose UMF? I found the Biology program really interesting. There’s so much I’ll be able to do with that degree.

What do I like most about UMF? I really like the Archaeology class I’m in. It’s not in my major but I find it very interesting — and really hands-on, which is what I like to do.

— Caleb Allen
Biology and Earth Science major

Portrait of Sydney Halle

Why did I choose UMF? I transferred to UMF for the outdoorsy environment and the location and the good vibes.

What do I do for fun around here?
One of the most fun things for me is working in the Admissions Office. I get to show prospective students and their parents the campus and help out the Admissions staff and work with the other Admissions student tour guides — it’s a lot of fun for me. My Admissions job is great. And I can’t believe I get paid to do it! Just don’t tell my boss that. (laughs)

— Sydney Halle
Anthropology major

Portrait of Zoe Lawler

Why did I choose UMF? I chose UMF because of the great Teacher Education programs but I was really drawn to the school for the community vibe feeling and the outdoor options.

What do I do for fun around here?
I’m really happy here and enjoy outdoorsy things — being able to get out and hike and paddleboard and be on the lake.

— Zoe Lawler
Secondary Education – Social Studies major

Portrait of Zach Meyers

Why did I choose UMF? Mainly for the Education programs. It’s pretty affordable for me, especially given the scholarships I got.

What do I like most about UMF?
Definitely the professors. The professors here are really knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. There’s a strong sense of community here with a lot of students having relatively the same goals. They want to get a solid education, at a great price, and they want to have an amazing career afterward.

— Zach Meyers
Early Childhood Education major

Portrait of Shaylynn Koban

Why did I choose UMF? I’m a local kid, so it was an easy choice — I already knew a lot about the school, the town, and the area. But the Creative Writing program here is really, really good. I heard it was good but I didn’t know it was this good.

What do I do for fun around here? I like the fun nighttime events they have at The Landing on campus, and I also love going to Narrow Gauge Cinema downtown — especially on Free Movie Night.

— Shaylynn Koban
Double major in Creative Writing and Psychology with minors in Math and Data Analytics

Portrait of Malachi Wilson

Why did I choose UMF? I chose it because it was far enough away from home to feel like I was in a separate area, but not too far to go home and visit. And also there’s a lot of great skiing and a really nice community up here.

What do I like most about my Biology program? My professor, Dr. Barton — he’s a really great professor and also my academic advisor. He’s the best.

What do I do for fun? My favorite on-campus event has definitely been Humans versus Zombies. I also really like the Magic Gathering Club. Almost all of my free time, I’m playing magic, playing other strategy board games, or hanging out with friends.

— Malachi Wilson
Pre-Professional Biology major

Portrait of Fallon Smith

Why did I choose UMF? I’m a skier so I chose UMF mostly so I could compete on the varsity ski team here. And we’re heading to the Nationals in Lake Placid next week. Go Beavah Ski-ahs — woot-woot! I also just like the fun environment on campus and the area. UMF also has a reputation as a really great Teacher Education school, so I came here for that, too.

What do I do for fun around here?
Well, in addition to being on the ski team I’m also on the Women’s Rugby team, so I hang out with my rugby teammates. And I go skiing a lot at Titcomb Mountain, right here in Farmington and at Sugarloaf, where our team practices. It’s so close by!

— Fallon Smith
Secondary Education – Math major

Portrait of Nolan Bailey

Why did I choose UMF? I just liked how small the college is and how it’s more like an actual community. I’m not a huge fan of busy areas or cities, and so Farmington is a really perfect fit for me. It’s quiet enough but also not too quiet because the downtown just a short walk from campus.

What do I do for fun around here? I like to go thrifting with my friends and to go to the various cafes downtown – there are so many cafes here! 

— Nolan Bailey
Psychology major

Portrait of Kaylee Thomas

What do I do for fun around here?
I’m on the Dance Team and I work at the Sweatt-Winter Community Childcare Center on campus. I adore working with the kids.

Why did I choose UMF? For the Early Childhood Ed program and to be able to work on campus with young children. It’s fun and so convenient.

Why do I like UMF? I like UMF for the community and that the campus itself is on the small-and-cozy size, so, like getting from one class to another or from my residence hall to the dining hall is a five-minute walk, at most. And also I like the nighttime events they hold in The Landing and the student clubs.

— Kaylie Thomas
Early Childhood Education major

Portrait of Sam Hammar

Why did I choose UMF? I chose UMF because I knew it was a very inclusive campus and it was also a small campus, and I wanted to create one-on-one relationships with my professors so they could help me be successful.

What do I do for fun around here? I mostly just hang out with my friends. There are a lot of good spots on campus to be able to just kind of hide away and be social with them. I also like going downtown. Farmington has a lot of cool local stores and coffee shops, and I especially like Narrow Gauge Cinemas for first-run movies.

— Sam Hammar
Secondary Education – English major, minor in Theatre

Portrait of Paige Lusczyk

Why did I choose UMF? I’m from southern New Hampshire, so I didn’t want to go too far away. And in high school, I just knew I wanted to be a teacher and my guidance counselor gave me a list of colleges that had really good Education programs. And UMF was top of the list! Then, when I visited here in person, it was honestly one of the best campus tours I experienced – it reminded me a lot of home and I knew right away it would be a great fit.

What do I do for fun around here? I love to ski over at Farmington’s Titcomb Mountain – it’s literally just a few minutes from campus, and you get a free UMF Ski Pass pass if you do some volunteer hours there, so that’s been great.

— Paige Lusczyk
Secondary Education – Math major

Portrait of Sol Labelle

Why did I choose UMF? Well, I’m from the area, so there’s a great financial incentive to go here.

What do I like most about UMF? Definitely the people — the professors and the community are what really makes the school shine.

What do I do for fun around here? I think a lot of it’s about the student clubs. I’m the president of Film Club, so we do a lot of screenwriting and a lot of filming. Most of the stuff we do is on campus, in terms of board games in the lounge, or going to different events around campus. There’s also a volunteer graphic design group, which is pretty fun.

— Sol Labelle
Graphic Design major, with minors in Video Game Studies, Environmental Studies, and Film Studies

Portrait of Tristan Mitchell

Why did I choose UMF? Besides the fact that it has the only Creative Writing program in Maine, I just generally find that the location here is nice. It’s a nice community.

What do I like most about UMF in general? All of my professors are amusing and entertaining. And UMF’s just a good community, as I said.

What do I like to do for fun around here? I hang out in the Johnson Scholars lounge often. I also walk downtown and go to 3D Games. I’m a student senator and I’m on Magic the Gathering Club exec board, also I’m on exec board for another club called Beaver Success.

— Tristan Mitchell
History and Creative Writing double major, with an Editing and publishing minor

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